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For All The Serial Entrepreneurs Out There

Yes, we have a problem and we are not shy about admitting it. We don’t need a 12-step program. Our problem is really one of the catalysts for our own internal happiness (for all the entrepreneurs out there, feel free to connect with me on here!). We have this endless need to create, innovate, develop and disrupt. Everything is in the idea, but then it becomes about the execution. We usually have more ideas than people to execute them. Even if we had the people to execute, then all the money in the world couldn’t fund all the ideas. It becomes a balance of prioritizing the ideas with legs while putting the other ideas on the backburner to marinade (like any recipe, for at least 24 hours, right?) If you’re like me, you get GoDaddy renewal emails daily because you have so many domains. You probably sat in many coffee shops like the women in the stock photo, dreaming of a new idea you want to launch. You have someone spending an entire morning in January renewing LLC’s, DBA’s and Assumed Names (I often forget I created some of them). Like a drunken freshman waking up the next day and asking what happened? You find yourself with so many websites and servers around the world you need a full-time webmaster to deal with it all. People around you become annoyed because you were just talking about a service-based company and now it’s a food company idea, but the wind blew in the other direction and now you’re thinking about the music industry. Looking back and realizing this was not a learned behavior, it was just you. For me, creating companies, or just being entrepreneurial, came from the realization that I needed to make money to live and get to the next level. This has come natural to me since the age of 4 or 5. Before The Age Of 18, My Partial List Of Ventures And Gigs: The Lemonade Stand Worked on other kids bikes as a barter Paper route before I was old enough to have one Sold crab apples door to door (whole article on this one coming) Sold log cabins made of tooth picks Mowed Grass Raked leaves Shoveled Snow Took out peoples trash Wash and Detailed Cars Wholesaled car stereos Hookup people’s computers to the internet (phone line modems) Built computers Stock party store shelves Did landscaping Cleaned doctor offices \ car dealership \ diesel shops Taught computer building and networking Sold gum and candy on field trips Bass boosted cassette tapes for house parties Painted homes \ outside office buildings And as I got older, it only accelerated, the businesses just become more real. I created this post so I can unite some of the serial Entrepreneurs. They are some of my favorite people and we “get” each other. The ideas that come at 3am, not sleeping much, finding market gaps when you weren’t even looking. That drive and spirit to literally take an idea to live concept over a weekend, we understand each other.  To ALL the entrepreneurs, SALUTE!