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Before LinkedIn gets bombarded with motivational quotes pasted on top of Jordan Belfort scenes from the Wolf of Wall Street, I wanted to post something up that is a little different to kick off 2017. This started off as a tweet one day that turned into a couple sentences in which I broke down into what you see now (posted up a clip of it in the past.)

Not a literary masterpiece nor poetic in any sense but if you are on the grind, trying to build a career, launching or growing a business, finishing a degree or anything in-between where you know you have a long road ahead to reach your goals, this is for you.

Entrepreneurs Anthem

Not looking forward to Fridays 
Never going to hate Mondays 
Weekends are just another day 
Staying up late AND rising early 
Always on that steady grind 
The animal ambition others decry 
A true hustler in everyone’s eye 
Will always argue it CAN be done 
Against all odds never quitting 
Quantity and quality together 
By delicate brute force or nothing 
Doing it when others won’t 
Creating our own luck 
Until a miracle appears 
Our own self-made rollercoaster 
The highest highs 
The lowest lows 
No day ever the same 
Wouldn’t have it any other way 
Silence dampens our souls 
Chaos is our drug of choice 
The next big idea is our “fix” 
Even with people’s doubts abound 
Supreme belief in thyself 
Until you prove everyone wrong 
Then it’s on to the next one