Business Insights


Social media sites are full of yacht pictures, photos of dream vacation homes, and endless comments of “I hope to own a Telsa one day”. I cannot argue with dreaming; I do a lot of it. You should too unless you want to stay stagnant for the rest of your life. But at some point, you have to wake up from that dream and go do something to actually make it happen.

Back in the day, I had the blueprint of my dream home stapled to my wall, but you wouldn’t have caught me staring at it all day. It’s really easy to dream and its god damn hard to put the work in every day to make those dreams happen. Chatting with people over the last 6 months about their personal goals, dreams and those in the start-up realm, one thing has concerned me.

Very few had a plan or desire to gain the knowledge to go make their dream happen. To which I respond, start picking up books! Listen to some HBR podcasts they have like 300 for free! Take a class. Just do something! Good luck competing in the modern landscape if you’re the same person you were intellectually 2 years ago.

The world is changing fast, you must keep learning and you can bet the other guy you’re competing against has already read that new NYT best-selling business book. In fact, they probably have the next couple new releases on pre-order. They want to get to that information first so they have an edge.

So you have big dreams? Even if you have the drive and ambition, you’re going to be stuck in a perpetual dream forever if you don’t possess the knowledge to change your life. Wake up from that dream, go gain some new knowledge and start making it happen.