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You know when I am in the office. Bass thumping from a Martin Logan Subwoofer and all other frequencies blasting through a set of B&W desktop speakers. Music some how gives you energy. Your body absorbs it, and energizes you. I have been in offices with the ambient white noise before, I think this was a thing of the past but what a waste of sound waves! EDM is often my choice because of it’s mostly upbeat tempo and even if you hate it, as background noise most can tolerate it. Even those that love country music and hate EDM, I catch them bobbin their heads, drumming their fingers, bouncing their knee’s and tapping their feet.  Now you can pick whatever music you want, a wide of music will come out of my office, but some music is better than no music or just white noise. I want to be in a high energy environment, surrounded by high energy people, this is one way I achieve that along with gallons of coffee and red bull. Below is a quick list of a ASOT set that is 2 hours long but great! Along with some other single tracks. And BTW, the deadmau5 track with Rob Swire is a straight banger!