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When 2 parties with only self-interest in mind collide, you can end up with something similar to a head-on car crash. Recruiters and candidates need to stop bitching about each other, you both share an equal amount of blame for the failures in the job search process. This site has turned into a cesspool of bitching and complaining and you’re both at fault. It’s turning into some of the news sites where the comment section was just brutal, to the point where they removed the comment section because there was no value. I am not saying any or all of these complaints are valid or not valid, they are just common complaints.

Candidates complain that recruiters:

  • Won’t give them feedback
  • Will pressure them to relocate when they don’t want to
  • Ask them to make a long commute
  • Won’t return their phone calls or emails
  • Won’t tell them the company name or location
  • Will ask them to take a pay cut
  • Call them for positions their not qualified for or that are way below them
  • Won’t or can’t give feedback from the company after an interview

Recruiters complain that candidates:

  • No show for interviews making them look bad or cost them clients
  • Lie about their education or job history
  • Misrepresent or withhold salary info
  • Tell the recruiter one thing then tell the hiring manager another
  • Go on interviews only to get a job offer so they can get a counteroffer from their current employer.
  • Take weeks to return a call to do an interview
  • Go dark when an offer is presented as the candidate is leveraging someone else

All of the things above won’t change anytime soon. Do you both realize you’re doing grimy things to each other? One side is no better or worse than the other so let’s call it even.


Candidates, my best advice: Stop waiting for the phone to ring and stop chasing jobs and companies that don’t want you. If a company wants to hire you, they will, it’s that simple, you cannot follow up and magically force them to hire you. Ever date? How many times have you been ghosted? You keep texting and chasing someone that has no interest in you. They should create a job market version of “He Just Isn’t That Into You” because that is real life.

Keep networking, applying and interviewing until you land the job you want. Even if you get a hint that a job is coming, keep searching!!!! Don’t stop applying and interviewing until you get what you want. Recruiters, my best advice: Stop thinking you have control over someone else’s life, you are a headhunter. You hunt heads and bring them to your clients, it is that simple!

Candidates WILL and SHOULD always do what is best for them and their families, even if you feel they went about it wrong, you cannot fault them for taking care of themselves and their families. KEEP firing away with the best damn candidates you have until you have a finalist, a #2 and #3 in waiting and don’t stop until the deal is done. This is a mistake so many recruiters make, you’re banking on one candidate and when they back out, you get pissed. You should only get pissed at yourself for not having more candidates in the pipeline.

Let’s forget the negativity. Candidates, if a company doesn’t hire you, move on, there are so many other positive things for you to focus on in your life, don’t dwell. Recruiters, likewise, just move the hell on and work hard to make your clients happy. Both of you, don’t burn bridges man, the world is shrinking, everyone knows everyone in one way or another and it is completely unnecessary to boot. Find a way to for both of you to get what you want, our job markets are very fluid, it is possible for both parties to win.