Business Insights


Ever watch a Super Bowl commercial, laugh your ass off, walk into the office on Monday, laugh about it again but no one can remember what company the commercial was about?

That is the issue with any commercial, from the heart touching to the laugh your ass off funny. If you don’t recall who the company was, it is wasted ad dollars.

The TurboTax ads are prime examples of how to do it right. They made them funny, they brought back some old music to suck you in or to at least look at the TV and they had the character using the app live with interesting reasons.

From DJ Khaled to the Humpy commercials, they hit Gen X and the Millennials directly in the face. They made them funny, rememberable, displayed an app that is easy to use and the way they demonstrated it, it made it comfortable for you to use. No one wants to feel like they are asking a dumb question, and these commercials make you feel at ease.

When you seen the Humpty commercial, you won’t ever forget that the character was using an app about Taxes, it really seems too easy, right?

“I am about to sue these guys, can I write off my legal fees”